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Sorry !!

that i havent been around lately,
i was doing a hair show over the past few days and was so fucking busy !! so for the past three days food wise things were shit i was constantly eating, and the most amazing foods too but asdkflj !! so today im staying under 400cal its 3pm ive had 250 i might just keep it at that :) 

how are you all ??


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i didnt dothe washing uptoday... big deal?
there was a pile of it fair enough... but only one bowl of it was mine.
i got distracted.
its pancake day andi was eating a pancake.... i had 3 but unlike my sister who had oodles of syrup onthem... i had a squirt of lemon juice.

he came home and decided to have a go at me for it.
noone else... just me...
and even when i do do it i get no fucking recognition for it.
or for anything i do around the house.
i could clean it top to bottom but i still wouldnt get recognition for it.
yeah so its only the washing up...
but the way he belittled me and embarrassed me in front of the others... made me feel bad about everything... even made me feel bad about the pancakes... i just wanted to throw the plate and smash it in front of him... but restrained... and now i feel like i'm gunna fucking explode.

no recognition for anything...
not for putting myself forward to get extrashifts for extra money at work...
or for taking paid holiday to help around the house when my nephew is born next week.

wellyou knowwhat?
now i wont fucking use any of the fucking plates, or saucepans or cutlery because i aint gunna fucking eat!!!
he's made me feel so shite about myself... not about not washing up as i cant give afuck about that..
but about myself... and my place in this 'family'

(sorry about all the 'fuck's)

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well darlings,

im fasting :) day 1, monday, fasting till friday/saturday,
i have a cocktail party to go to , and want to look nice =/
today went well, i was standing practically all day, im exhausted and my stomach is empty and making loud noises :) which im drowning out with lots of water.
i felt shakey and light headed which was odd, so i had a can of coke zero [ complete lifesaver 5 cal? i think its less i dont remember but its good], ive had a few cups of tea and im constantly drinking water :)
saw 'the boyfriend'  which was lovely :) except hes gotten thinner i was like UGHH your making this SO HARD i cant be the fat girlfriend !!!!
anyway its likes a quarter past 9 at night and im sooo tired so im going to head to bed soon  i think.

anyway how are you all doing??


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Paige Nicole.

Msn; volleyballbabe0090@hotmail.com
AIM; lxlikewhoaxl
14 years old young.
Super Duper Ugly.
Annoying and funny.
{only slightly weird.. lie}
Five freaking foot five.
One hundred and fifty nine pounds fat.
Want to be one hundred and twenty five pounds thin.
In love with Aaron.
NCIS is awesome.
Volleyball is fun.
TV is cool.
Expresses thoughts differently.
More mature than most 14 year olds.
Normal? I think so not.

Befriend Me! ^_^


soi just saw this community posted through another community and thought i'd take a peek and it seems quite a nice place... so i thought i'd join...

i'm 18
from the UK
i weigh.... (weighs self... crosses fingers) 118lbs (wahay) with a body fat percentage of 14.7%
i'm 5ft 4"

and my first goal weight is 110lbs bythe end of april hopefully.

i supportall of you and am available for a chat whenever so add me on msn ifyou wish


i am very nice person also.
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hello darlings :)

about  me today, its day 2 of my fasting, 2pm. and doing well ive had countless ammounts of water and just made a banana smoothie, which filled me up brilliantly, so im quite content :) 

in other news

its wonderfull to see ed dolls expanding a little bit each day with new members and activity rising :)
i will keep posting around a few of my other coms. about this place. and hopefully if you have the time you will do so also :) 

to all the current members, thank you  and i hope your all doing wonderfully :)


rawr (:


I am arielle, and i saw this place on another similar community..
i need all the support i can get and i know you guys do to.
so we should get to talk more, i want to help people and i want the same support. <3

food is a bitch

Oh, i almost forgot.. my "intro" 

well let me start again:

my name is Arielle and i am 14 years old turning 15 on April 23rd.
i am around 5'5 and i think i weigh around 117..? 
my goal is around 95-100 and i hope i can achieve this.
i have no support what so ever, and i doubt i will ever let anyone know
except you lovely dolls  and users of lj. 
i am very friendly, and want to help out as much as possiable.
feel free to add me as your friend and ask me for my msn or aim.
oh, btw.. i have a really hard time trying to control myslef. x( 
sucks, i know. xP 
get to know me, i doubt you will regret it! 

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hello dolls,
well its 9.05am where i am, i havent slept all night, im tired but feeling good i dont want to sleep, ive gone nocturnal again, oh insomnia how i love you, ive been sleeping all day and up all night, that has to change today. so i need to make it till 9pm before i sleep, 12 hours, cant be too hard right?
so ive decided also as of 9am. fast starts. no more food. no more failure.

stay strong lovelies.

and let others know of this place :) i want more people, more support,


new as well

joined a few of these, just looking for...something, maybe support, maybe just a place to talk about these issues with people that don't say things like:

just eat already...

you're too skinny (which i'm not at all)..

if you don't stop that, i'll tell your mom (umm, 22 now, she can't do shit about it so stay out of this hubby)....

don't like posting stats...just like losing weight...don't have a goal...just want to lose until my body won't let me anymore.

hate food...
with every inch of my being....food is the devil, and needs to go away...

hey all!